One long-time meditator said he was able to access in seconds a level of stillness that he used to get to after 15 or 20 minutes of meditation.

A marathon runner who had problems with her knee and was going to have to give up running called Dan after trying Intentional Resting for the first time to report that her pain had stopped within 10 steps and that her times improved and she was experiencing being instantly energized where she had been fatigued.

A 12 year-old boy who who’d been diagnosed with ADD spent a few minutes with Dan and learned to notice the body signals that happened before what he called his “space out” events and how to rest instead. 30 days later he hadn’t had a spaced out experience.

Dan shared IR with a woman who had MS and was taking the drugs for MS. After 3 months of using Intentional Resting she was able to go off of her medication and 2 years later she hasn’t experienced MS symptoms.

A woman with Celiac’s disease that had been misdiagnosed for years describes being “sent home to die.” She’d gone through a lot of healing modalities, extreme diets and tried all sorts of things. When she really embraced resting for her internal organs and rested through the layers and layers of emotion linked to the disease, her body healed. She credits her healing to the Intentional Resting process.

Many people with Fibromyalgia have experienced amazing healing using Intentional Resting